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express bar final.jpg

Express Meal Bar

Key Benefits:

  • Calories 200

  • Protein 15g

  • 21 vitamins and minerals

  • 5g of fiber

  • On the go option meal replacement bar.Enjoy along with your favorite energy tea

iced coffee final.jpg

High Protein Iced Coffee

Key Benefits:

  • 15 g protein 

  • 100 calories

  • 2 g sugar (stevia)

  • 80 mg caffeine 

  • Blend of real coffee and whey protein

  • Low fat

  • No artificial flavors or added colors

iced mocha final.jpg

Mocha Protein Coffee

Key Benefits:

  • Calories 100

  • Fat 2.5g

  • Carbs 4g

  • Sugar 2g

  • Caffeine 80mg

  • Protein 15g

  • Blend of real coffee and whey protein. Low fat.No artificial flavors or added color

protein juice rosa final.jpg

Protein Juice

Key Benefits:

  • Calories 70

  • Fat 0

  • Carbs 4g

  • Sugar 0

  • Caffeine 0

  • Protein 15mg

  • Snack option which will help boost your energy while satisfying hunger between meals.

protein bars 2.jpg

Protein Bar

Key Benefits:

  • 10g of Protein

  • 140 calories

  • Excellent source of protein, which helps sustain energy, satisfy hunger, and build and maintain lean muscle mass. Enjoy along with your favorite energy tea.

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